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Somatotype Bibliography I 1938-1989

This bibliography attempts to identify all studies that have used somatotyping as a system of assessment of physique, or for interpretation of data. Some critical reviews, comments, abstracts and summaries are also included. Books or articles that contain a brief description of somatotyping and provide no additional data or interpretation have been omitted. The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance and contributions to the assembly of the bibliography of William D. Ross, Maurice Deutsch, Barbara H. Heath, H. Harrison Clarke and Stephen P. Aubry. Appreciation is also extended to the students at Simon Fraser University and San Diego State University who worked on parts of the bibliography.

The entries are from 1938 to 1989. A second bibliography contains publications from 1990 to the present.

Somatotype Bibliography II 1990 +

This bibliography continues on from SOMATOTYPE BIBLIOGRAPHY I, which includes references from 1938-1989. To add to this bibliography, send an e-mail to with the references in the correct format.


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