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"Somatotype - Calculation and Analysis is a comprehensive, user-friendly program that has excellent input-output, calculation, analysis and display features, making it the program of choice for anyone doing somatotype calculations and analysis." Lindsay Carter

Content by J.E. Lindsay Carter and Monte Goulding

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Sweat Technologies is the developer of Somatotype - Calculation and Analysis. The user friendly software available for Mac and PC is very reasonably priced for both Single User and Site Licenses. Site Licenses enable you to install and use the software on any computer at your institution. Somatotype - Calculation and Analysis is the ideal software package for teaching and demonstrating the Heath-Carter somatotyping methods.


The biographies and contributions of four main innovators in somatotype methodology are summarized: W.H. Sheldon, R.W. Parnell, B.H. Heath Roll, and J.E.L. Carter.


Details of the Heath-Carter somatotype method are presented in three sections:

  1. The Heath-Carter Anthropometric Somatotype;
  2. Somatotype Analysis; and
  3. Equations for Somatotype Analysis. References and examples are included.


Two bibliographies are included. The first contains the somatotype literature from 1938-1989, and the second contains literature from 1990 to the present. The latter will be updated on a regular basis.

Somatotype data

This section contains data from previous studies formatted as "somatotype documents" for use in the program "Somatotype" by Sweat Technologies. Descriptions are provided of the sample details. These files may be used for demonstration or for comparisons with other data.